With advances in technology come advances in the world of gaming too. Recently Apply has introduced Arcade. So far, Arcade hopes to be a service that will soon offer many game products. It is a truly cross-platform service with various platforms. Idea: If you start playing on a television screen, for example, you should be able to continue playing on your smartphone or elsewhere on your Mac and that includes your score.

Apple also promotes data protection. Game developers are not allowed to collect data about players or track their actions without consent.

Apple Arcade is part of the whole

The Apple Arcade is part of the iOS 13 App Store, and the Mac requires the MacOS Catalina operating system. When updating to the latest version of tvOS, Apple TV Box users will see a new arcade tile. Just click or select a business category to start a free trial month. install? No, the shopping mall is part of the whole. The games in the arcade are divided into categories. According to Apple, this directory will soon contain 100 games.

At the moment, there are many small and medium-sized games such as puzzles, tricks, simulations, and adventures. Numerous stories about the game, interviews with developers, or tips for individual games complete the proposal.

Play games at Apple Arcade and meet old friends

Game selection is similar to other applications. The game is installed on your Apple device and can be played anytime, anywhere. For example, in “Spek” you need to skillfully move the field to solve the problem. Or the traffic simulation called “mini highway” is becoming more and more difficult.

Even if the multimillion-dollar product mentioned is not part of the catalog, it can’t run on the hardware used anyway, and it doesn’t run out of depth. Besides beautiful but simple puzzles, titles like “Shinsekai: In the depth”, “Oceanhorn 2” or “Jenny LeClue-Detectivu” are much deeper.

You will also meet old friends at Apple Arcade. For example, Rayman and platform characters floating hands and feet in the 1990s, and Sedge chasing the screen in Sonic Racing. Or the frogs of “Frogger” who no longer need to cross the road, but take a dangerous trip through the children’s room and apartment. Also included is “Pac-Man”, which is a multiplayer party game.

Soon you may expect to see extreme video games within the arcade-like Valora, a riot game that excites anyone who gets started on the game. You may want to consider boosting your rank too through zaros boosting. It’s worth the try.