A Process In Obtaining An Apostille Using Technology In India

Make sure the certificate is a recent, authorized copy or validated by an Indiana notary.
Either Birth or Death Certificates need state certification. Identification of this type is done by finding a colorful signature stamp on the lower portion of the document. If the document has no stamp, you must contact Indiana Vital Records on your computer to get this version before submitting to us.
Marriage or Divorce Documents must be signed by the recent clerk of courts in India. To affirm the recent clerk of every nation, visit this site https://www.in.gov/judiciary/files/court-directory.pdf . If the correct version is provided an apostille serviceĀ could be accepted.
School or College Documents will need to be certified by an Indiana Notary. Stating these documents will need to be certify for apostille at the time of appeal by the school may be advantageous as other schools have a procedure in place that removes some mailing time.
All Other Documents are needed to be properly certified by a recent Indiana notary. No clue regarding notary? Ask A local banks to notarized the document/s.

You must prepare a cover letter. This may be acquired from our web page, typed, or handwritten. In creating a entreaty form or a cover letter, please involve:

  • Your Name
  • Phone number
  • Please put your phone number for us to contact if we have any other questions.
  • Mailing address
  • Please ensure that you include the city, state and zip code including the mailing address.
  • The destination country
  • The destination country: the country of which is asking the document(s). If turning them to a consulate, don’t write the address of the embassy but the real country.
  • Seal of approval and address a return envelope.
  • If mailing outside the country, Please include the correct and required postage.

If applicable,you will pay a fee of 2$ per document. Except for the following documents:

  • Birth or Death Certificates
  • Marriage or Divorce Certificate
  • School or College Certificate
  • Adoption Documents

Apostille: A Step By Step Procedure