If you are new to cigars, you will need cigar recommendations from cigar aficionados as they have more knowledge and experience on the matter. Not only will cigar recommendations help you determine which cigar will suit your taste and budget, but will also give you ways on how to enjoy your cigar even more as well as the best ways to preserve them.

The Function of Humidors

Cigar recommendations will also include the best humidors to use to store and keep your cigars fresh. Humidors make use of some elements so as to create the perfect environment for your cigars. Humidors allow you to regulate the temperature as well as the humidity of the interior of the box. In doing so, you just let the appropriate amount of moisture in the interior which helps in preserving your cigar, wherein it doesn’t get overly wet or overly dried out. If you don’t store your cigars properly or don’t use the humidor correctly, this will badly affect the taste of the cigars. When the perfect environment is created, the humidor will keep and preserve the taste of your cigars. It is then imperative to maintain a balance between the Spanish cedar which makes up the box and the humidifier which is kept in the interior of the box.

The Spanish Cedar

Majority of humidors in the market have a Spanish cedar lining. It is wood that is frequently utilized for humidors due to its absorbency and its ability to slowly release moisture which as frequently as possible creates a balanced humidity. This is likewise a reason many humidor cigar trays are made of Spanish cedar wood. If more moisture is present outside, the wood will absorb it, trying to attain balance. Hence, you have to season the humidor by means of moistening the wood prior to storing your favorite cigars. If you don’t, the cedar will draw out moisture from your cigars themselves. This then trounces on the idea of having a humidor.

The Humidifier

The humidifier maintains the humidity and the moisture from within. When the humidor is seasoned and cigars are stored, the humidifier will continue supplying the moisture inside the box, which allows the cigars to remain in an environment with the proper humidity and for the Spanish cedar to suck up any surplus of moisture, and then release it into the humidifier in case it runs low on moisture. Humidifiers comes in various forms such as florist foam-based blocks, pouches or beads, and gel-based humidifiers. Whatever you choose, make certain you follow the directions on when it needs to be recharged with more distilled water or with moisturizing agents.