The post-lockdown business scene is still tepid, fully convincing entrepreneurs to seek an e-commerce platform to use in selling products or services online. While the Internet has presented them with several choices, they tend to get lost with all the technical jargons, particularly those that put forward sales pitches about funnel technology.

Understanding that e-Commerce is More Than Just Building a Website

Being consumers themselves, entrepreneurs understand that in order to sell online, one must have a website with a virtual shopping cart that takes care of the online selling, payment processing and shipping aspects. The complex part is in understanding the automation features that make an e-commerce platform a better alternative to self-hosting, which requires the integration of other applications; including selling and payment systems.

Actually most e-commerce platforms offer the same automation features and the decision to choose one, is often based on the type of products to sell, the needs of of the target customers and of course, the fees corresponding to the e-commerce package appropriate for one’s business. However, unless an entrepreneur actually experiences the efficiency of the automation features and the quality of services provided by an e-platform provider, one can not say for sure that he or she is making the right choice.

Consider e-Commerce Platforms with Free Offers

.Choosing an e-commerce platform does not have to be by way of trial and error, since there are several providers that offer free trial of their technology. That being the case, entrepreneurs can narrow down their choices to those with freemium offers. After all free use is the most practical way of knowing if an e-commerce platform, its features and services, are the best fit for one’s business.

However, the problem with free offers is that they give limited access to automation features designed to optimize the online selling experience. At some point during the trial period, some free software providers will put forward sales pitches for other selling and marketing tools that paid members are using to improve their online selling operations. On the other hand, there are platform providers that offer a free package with more online selling tools and features. However, free use could be only for a limited time period.

Now there is still one more type of free offer, the unlimited kind that allows entrepreneurs to carry on with the free use of their online selling platform for as long as they want, even for a lifetime. If this option is deemed as the most suitable and practicable, read on reviews submitted by genuine entrepreneurs who actually use the free-for-a-lifetime platforms.

Consider Groove Funnels as a Potential Choice

At this point we have to make mention that some online selling platforms are also called funnel builders, mainly because their funnel systems are the key features of their digital selling and marketing technology. New funnel builder, Groove Funnels has been attracting the most attention in the current search for e-commerce platforms.

Actually, Groove Funnels is not new to the business, as the provider originally went by the brand name Groove Apps. Their online selling platform has since expanded and their free offer now includes not only e-commerce tools but also funnel applications for both sales and marketing, which even free users can access as built-in features of their Groove Page or e-commerce website.

The most important information that can be gathered from unbiased reviews is that while Groove Funnels’ free offer is for a lifetime, free users were not bombarded with sales pitches and email notifications for them to become paid members. Instead, they were provided with different tutorials and free webinars that taught them how to use the automation and marketing features of Groove Funnels.