Are you two in the back with only one iPhone? Then a game and gifts for 11 year old boys that you can play Pokemon Go, Pokemon, Street, Lawn, House, Trees, Gametogether on one screen is so much fun. The app, which, despite the German-sounding name, was simply made by a Dutchman, has a kind of panicky effect that makes it a fun game. Both players grab the iPhone on one side. One player controls the red snake, the other the blue snake with the arrows on the side. The point is not to hit your own hose, the other person’s hose, or a wall. Who collides is the spool and has lost. The races can last three, five, or ten rounds and you can set the speed yourself.

Puzzle: Animals
This app is specially developed for younger children, from baby, toddler to toddler. It is made in such a way that each board becomes a step more difficult than the previous board. The game is situated in a beautiful farm environment where your child can play with all the famous farm animals and get to know different farm animals in a playful way.

Fireman Sam
Brand & Rescue! Join him and the rest of the Piekepolders on an adventure in this exciting collection of emergency and heroic action-packed rescues. You can play in 8 ways, including multiplayer interactive games, a video player, and a special sticker book for your rewards.

Hello, are you going on an adventure? Jokie, known from Efteling and TV, sets out in this app like a real explorer. From now on you can also experience Jokies adventures yourself! Where do you want to go? The Jokie app has been specially developed for children from 2 years old, but due to the instructions of the narrative voice and extra animations, it is also fun for slightly older children.

Children’s Tube App
The KinderTube app is intended for the whole family and contains pre-child-friendly children’s videos. This app is also great fun for the parents, through the app you can watch cartoons from the past. The app has been developed in such a way that the whole family can easily watch children’s videos and children’s songs.