“The metamorphosis of e-scooters from kids’ toys to professional commuting vehicles took over a decade and was fueled by technology advancement” 

-Frank Minero

President, Urban Scooter


Most of us probably know that scooter is not a new technology in the market. We have seen different types of this when we were still kids. Scooter can be seen at home because it was used as a toy at first. Then due to technological advancements, inventors found a way to transform scooter toys to electric scooters that can be used by any people of age. According to Frank Minero, “Nowadays, electric scooter looks lie a Razor kick scooter except it’s quite larger with an electric motor”. Moreover, e-scooters costs less expensive than expected which is why more and more people are purchasing it. If you are one of those people who are considering buying such vehicle, regardless of the purpose, Ireland electric scooter store offers different types of e-scooters which you can choose from. Their products are of high quality and proven safe.

Two decades ago, e-scooters were not that expensive because it was not used as a professional vehicle, but rather just for fun and toys for kids. Also, people were not struggling of commuting during that time. However, things are entirely different these days. Travel hours are usually longer because of the congested roads and the number of people who have cars. Also, people preferred to be practical and commute. Hence. e-scooter for professional purposes are developed.

Due to the increasing number of problems arising when it comes to commuting and traveling, a more time efficient vehicle like e-scooters are being used by more and more people each day. Electric scooters surprisingly offers great benefits. Stress from traffic will be avoided and short cut roads can be taken because this vehicle is compact and can even be fold. In addition to that, parking will not be a problem anymore because e-scooter only takes up small area unlike cars and other larger vehicles. Using e-scooter is not harmful to the environment and human health since it is powered by batteries, not gas.