Face recognition technology is always an exciting concept. What was once thought to be left in fictional worlds is now used as an additional layer of biometric security whether on our phones, homes or businesses.

But what basically is this form of technology and how it works? Facial recognition as what said earlier is a form of biometric software that’s using complex algorithms and mathematics to verify or identify a person from digital imagery. The gathered data is then saved as fingerprint. The technology utilizes deep learning algorithm to be able to compare images and make sure that it’s the person’s identity, making it similar to other biometric security techs like retina scanning, fingerprint matching and voice recognition.

Depending on how it will be used, there are benefits and drawbacks to this technology. Later on, we will be discussing both sides.

Pros of Facial Recognition

Number 1. Improved Security – facial biometric security system dramatically enhances the smartphone or home’s security. Every person who tries to use it would be accounted for. Any would-be individual will be captured quickly by the integrated recognition system and prompting you of the act.

Number 2. High Accuracy – with the level of Face ID tech today, this becomes more reliable than ever before. The success rate is at an all time high. It’s primarily because of 3D facial recognition technology as well as infrared camera development. The combination that these technologies have, make it difficult to trick the system. With this level of accuracy, you’ll have confidence that your premise or phone will be safe and secure.

Number 3. Fully Automated – back then, guards have to make sure that the system was actually correct before confirming a match. As what mentioned, the technology is constantly evolving that it is now irrelevant. Facial recognition tech can fully automate the procedure and ensure 95% accuracy.

Cons of Using Face Recognition

If there are advantages to using such form of technology, of course, we can’t deny that it comes with its fair share of drawbacks too. One common complaint that people have with facial recognition is that, it could sometimes be tricked by using someone’s صور (photo) and get passed by the security system.

Like what’s said, technology for facial recognition continuously grows and improves so this issue will eventually be resolved.

In other words, there’s nothing that you should be afraid of if you’re using one.