Google’s app development platform Firebase, announced at the Firebase Summit 2019 the addition of Firebase Extension, and other development tools. Staying true to their commitment in helping web and mobile app developers with their projects, the Firebase team made additions and improvements to the app development platform, all aimed at speeding up development processes without sacrificing qualities that promote user-engagement satisfaction.

Aside from updates made on Firebase Cloud Message and Firebase Remote Config and integration of Google Analytics, the millions of app developers using the Firebase platform will find new features like Firebase Extension, Firebase Emulator Suite Expansions and Firebase App Distribution, integrated in the app development platform. All new improvements and additions were conceptualized and built based on developers’ feedback gathered from previous Firebase Summits.

Firebase Extension

When looking to shorten URLs, or to resize an image, as well as add new contacts to their email list, app developers need only to use codes designed to automate the related tasks via the Firebase Extension. The Firebase team built and bundled an array of flexible pre-written and pre-debugged codes that Firebase users can still configure for any specific use cases.

Provided as an open-source feature, the Firebase Extensions easily integrate with other Google Cloud and Firebase solutions.

Firebase Emulator Suite Expansions

Built on a safe environment, the Firebase Emulator Suite is endowed with a set of local tools to speed up app development processes. The functionality of the emulator suite has been expanded with reloading tools for critical additions of Security Rules and has received broadening of support for Software Development Kits (SDK) on both client and server sides.

Additional support has also been extended for functions triggered via Realtime Database, which includes the development of a new command to tighten changes made while building via Continuous Integration (CI).

Firebase App Distribution

In recognizing the need to ensure app stability and enhance usability prior to actually publishing a new mobile and/or web app, the Firebase team incorporated Firebase App Distribution tools. This particular Firebase addition, provides app developers with a flexible approach to distributing beta versions to trusted testers, in order to address bugs that can affect user experience. Bugs after all, more often than not, negatively affect subsequent app reviews and ratings.

Through a central hub, web developers can distribute pre-release versions of their app without the need to install SDK and fill out forms; as well as go through a review process. Whether building apps designed to run on IOS or Android support, Firebase platform users can distribute their app for beta testing. Moreover, they can also build pre-release testing into their workflows with any Command Line Interface (CLI) support, be it fastlane, Gradle or Firebase CLI.