Even when you are booking an online massage appointment at https://swedish24.co.kr, you are releasing personal information that may be hacked and be used to unsuspecting activities. This is the main reason why the security and safety of internet affect everyone else in the world. It is imperative to better understand what exactly happens to our data and at the same time, the ability to have control on how it is used.

Personal Responsibility

From the smartphones we use to biometric database that is identifying individuals, personal stake in relation to digital safety and security is constantly growing. In fact, just what seem to be a harmless browsing activity online could be monitored and logged, we openly accept CCTVs to monitor our movement and we have welcomed more smart devices that can be connected in the internet to our homes.

Indeed, we are literally enjoying limitless conveniences as well as “free” services as a result of these innovations. But in exchange, the data generated is archived and being repurposed for advertising and monitoring.

Whether you like it or not, we are facing risks that were impossible decades ago and many governments and private companies are gathering and using data in many ways that don’t have the best interest of people. Sadly, those who are “responsible” in handling these sensitive pieces of information has failed us.

Government Takes Over

This is why lawmakers in several countries are positively engaging with issues revolving around online privacy. There are hundreds of millions of individuals who are taking charge of their web experience by means of installing pop-up blockers or ad-blockers. Among the top reasons for blocking these ads is primarily geared to security. It is due to the reason that ads can be used as a channel to help malware penetrate the system. This is representing challenges among publishers but also, creating strong incentive for industries to make ads online much better.

Now, more and more messaging apps similar to WhatsApp are offering end-to-end encryption. Meaning to say, all conversations that took place in the app are protected from any eavesdroppers which include service providers.