Definition of Ionic Framework

If you haven’t heard the word Ionic, it is defined as a framework that allows for the creation of highly interactive mobile apps that can be deployed among various types of smartphones (android, iOS, windows) and even web.  It is still being used nowadays by developers because a native coding must be used in order to build and develop android, Windows and iOS apps. Moreover, ionic eradicate the hassle of the separate development because ionic framework can be used to different platforms.

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Ionic are very popular among developers because it is very user friendly even when it comes to HTML, CSS, and JS CSS compoents. However, before deciding to use the framework, it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages.

When Should Ionic Framework Be Used?

Even though Ionic is a term you usually hear when it comes to developing apps, it is important to know when ionic framework must be used. Ionic is a great choice for developing basic native functionalities in order for an application to run on different types of devices and operating system. One of the major benefits of this framework is that once an app is developed using Ionic in one device, there is no need to develop it multiple times in other devices.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ionic framework.


1. User friendly – all you need is just HTML, CSS, and javascript skills and you can learn it very fast

2 Ionic apps run on different types of platforms such as Android, iOS, windows and many more. Thus, coding for each platform will not be necessary.

3. Continuous development- you will be able to create numerous pages when running a command. Hence, you don’t have to write everything from scratch.


1.  Native mobile application is still much better when it comes to performance, compared to ionic app.

2. Improvements are still being made which is why high-end graphics dependent games and applications are not suited.

3.  Ionic app is not recommended if you are developing a financial application because of some security issues.