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Included in this broader Muslim Vision 2030, the nation’s Ministry of Housing has declared the achievement of constructing the first home using 3D printing technologies from the Middle East.

“The goal of this experiment would be to contend with the technological advancement from the sphere of the future building, to profit from the hottest technology on earth, and also to be a pioneer in promoting the adoption of advanced construction methods in the building sector as well as the localization of its sector from the Kingdom in accord with the aims of this Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Transition 2020 Program,” a statement read.

The building of the home on the Ministry of Housing property west of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh has been completed from the Dutch firm Cybe, which will be among the primary businesses that own the tech on earth. The home will soon be available for visits and accessibility for a period of five to experts, employees, and people interested in this industry – architects, engineers, and businesses specializing in the sphere of construction.


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This measure comes in keeping with the initiative to trigger the technology of building, among the initiatives of the private sector established from the local material and private sector growth “Nama” center for research and research and technological advancement in the practice of building.

“Through introducing 3D printing, which can be among the most advanced strategies to construct a trusted future, give rise to the manufacture of integrated residential components through electronic design elements, also looks at the usage of the technology in the future to decrease the expenses of collection, transportation, and building along with becoming eco friendly.

“The Building Technology Initiative attempts to take a proactive and supportive atmosphere for research and experiments within the business of future construction technologies and 4G technology. For that reason, it has conducted a lot of experiments to create some modern construction techniques in an effort to accommodate it as 3D printing,” the announcement read.

So in the near future, if you want to live in a 3D printed house, you might want to move into Saudi Arabia, particularly in Jeddah. They have professionals to transfer all your furniture in Jeddah (or نقل عفش بجدة in Arabic).