With today’s highly digitized world, browsing and purchasing online baby gift baskets and other gifts you could give to a baby is now easy and hassle-free. Not only has technology changed the way we shop for gifts, it has also altered the way we interconnect with the world, and many other aspects of human activities.

For instance, a simple rattle or a cuddly toy used to be enough to amuse or keep a baby entertained for a long period of time. However today, a rattle or any kind of baby toy does not interest babies anymore not unless it is “technologically advanced”. Some babies and toddlers these days are already accustomed to make use of touch screens on phones and tablets that they become bemused by a non-interactive, tactile print magazine. According to a survey, at six months old, babies are already playing with the electronic devices of their parents. These is undeniably true since we see a lot of parents give their children their tablets or phones rather than a cuddly toy, or paper and crayons to keep them entertained.

Why Limit the Use of Electronic Devices

In our modern world, we cannot deny the fact the technology has become part of the lives of human including the young. Nonetheless, as responsible parents and adults, it is our responsibility to limit our children’s screen time for some health reasons.


We are aware that electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and computers could release radiation. Excessive exposure to radiation has been allied to cancer, and although there are no solid studies, it is highly advised by the American Cancer Society to limit the use of cell phone, particularly in young children.

Developmental Risks in Toddlers

One group of research discovered that tots ages two through three who had excessively played with electronic gadgets had adverse effects to their cognitive growth. At this stage, it is needed for toddlers to discover and learn how to progress their motor skills as well as their visual and spatial skills. These skills are acquired and realized through playtime that is free of any gadgets or electronic devices.

Upsets Brain Development and Function 

A lot of children today don’t get enough physical activities or exercise since they spend most of their time in front of the screen. Not only is the lack of any type of exercise is bad for the body, but it also harms and upsets the function and development of the brain. Actually, less usage of electronic devices and more exercise could aid in improving grades in school as well as lowering behavioural problems.

There are other health and social reasons as to why screen time and other tech related devices should be moderately used, particularly for children. Evidently, they are effective in keeping children entertained, however too much of these could irreversibly impair their health as well as social skills.