Over the years, there’ve been countless of technological advancements that the world has seen. These advancements are not just about hype or one-off tricks in marketing such as businesses that buy Instagram followers or people purchasing foldable smartphones. Rather, we will be focusing more on the breakthroughs and milestones that have changed people’s lives and work.

Digital Money

Probably, majority of you have already heard of the global digital currency that Facebook releases, Libra. The concept has caused backlash and it has not been launched since then. Well at least, not to the point that it was initially envisioned.

Regardless, Libra made a huge difference few days after its announcement. Believe it or not, an official from China implied that it is going to speed up the development of its own digital currency. With this said, China is poised to becoming the very first economy to start issuing a digital version of their money. Eventually, they are planning to use it as replacement for physical cash.

Anti-Aging Drugs

The very first wave of anti-aging drugs have entered human testing phase. These drugs will not let you to live longer yet, though its aim is to treat the specific ailments by means of reversing or slowing a fundamental aging process.

These drugs are referred to as senolytics. It works by getting rid of cells that accumulate as we are aging. These cells are otherwise called as “senescent” and it can create low-level inflammation that will be suppressing normal mechanism of the cellular repair and creating a toxic environment among the neighboring cells.

Molecules Discovered by AI

Using molecules to turn it to possibly a live-saving drug is without a doubt mind-boggling. As a matter of fact, researchers estimated that there are around 1060 molecules that are possible for candidate. This is actually more than all atoms in our solar systems that is offering almost unlimited chemical possibilities – thing is, if chemists can find the one that is worthwhile.

Today, machine-learning tools have the capability of exploring big databases of the existing molecules as well as its properties by using information to be able to create new possibilities.