With this new technology, you could digitize your dog in video games. Researchers claim that digitizing a dog can be done with a single camera.

Motion capture technology has evolved a lot in recent years and has allowed game and movie creators to create increasingly realistic digital characters. One of the applications of this technology involves the digitization of puppy movements.

Experts explain that this process proves to be as complicated for dogs as it is for humans. This can be stressful for dogs that’s why many studios that offer this service provide outdoor dog bed that can be placed inside the studio. This allows them to relax for another shoot.

In order to record the movements of pet dogs, a special suit is needed, from those with balls on it, used to make a model of it. Also, several cameras are used in this process, Futurism notes.

An improved method

A team of researchers has published a study on GitHub, a portal dedicated to programmers, in which they explain that they have significantly simplified the process of digitizing movement.

The researchers explain that now a single RGBD camera is needed, equipped with sensors that allow the identification of distances from objects, can replace all the equipment used to capture the movements of puppies.

This simplification of the process became possible with the help of a computer model, which was “trained” with the help of scans of 14 dog breeds. The researchers explain that this method is accurate and that it can predict and react to dog movements in the virtual environment.

“And for entertainment, this study can help make more genuine movement of virtual animals, both in films and in video games,” said SinĂ©ad Kearney, one of the team members. He added that the technology could also be used by owners of quadrupeds who want to have fun.

The applications of this technology are not limited to the entertainment industry, scientists explain that the ability to accurately record and reproduce the movements of a dog is an important advantage in diagnosing and monitoring its health by veterinarians.

The study was published on the GitHub portal.