Most gamers who have reached expertise levels worth emulating, live stream their games via streaming websites, e.g. Youtube or Twitch. Transitioning from playing just for fun, to gaming for monetary gains, is said to be a natural of evolution that most gamers reach at a certain point. Starting with advertising revenues, or income from affiliate marketing, becoming a professional streamer of live games can be lucrative, if his or her playing skills attract a huge fanbase.

Time and effort must be devoted not only for developing skills that can make you standout in the gaming arena, but also in the competitive world of streaming. After all, you will be competing with millions of gamers, including professional esports players, who have already made their mark in the live game broadcasting industry.

Still, it is never too late to start, using free software solutions as tools. The most recommended is OBS Studio, because it furnishes everything a gamer needs for recording video and live streaming, whilst using multiple sources.

Features of the OBS Studio Live Streaming Software

OBS Studio is not just a recording software. It provides technology that allows infusing footages from games to create a live game feed. It also furnishes means for incorporating still images captured from the screen, or from other concurrently running videos. Awesome even is that you can dabble with a great selection of sources that you can mix to broadcast an equaĺly amazing game; keeping viewers glued to the screen up to game conclusion.

The downside to using OBS Studio though, is that it may take awhile for you to acquaint yourself with all the features it has in store. Live streaming is easy, as you have the support of the livestreaming platform of your choice. Yet your goal is to broadcast games like a professional streamer, which means you will have to devote time in learning how everything works, particularly with mixing sources while broadcasting live. The ultimate goal is to acquire knowledge on how to create more complex types of broadcast materials.

Using the OBS Studio is rather exploratory, as it furnishes few guidance on how to get into the workflow. Still, you do not have to give up easily, as one can manage the unfamiliarity of this software by way of trial and error. Start with recording test videos so you can learn how to edit and smooth out kinks. The user interface is not intuitive, so attempts at adding and mixing sources will likely be in need of editing.

Emphasizing the Need for a Proper Gaming Chair

As a gamer, you will be devoting hours rooted to your gaming chair so you can develop strategies on how to beat different types of opponents. On the other hand, as a startup livestreamer, you will be spending hours on end on how to skillfully and artfully use software that can optimize your live feed. That way, your live broadcast will have qualities that can set you in equal footing in with other professional livestreamers.

That being the likely case, you must seat yourself in a gaming chair (fotele gamingowe) that can provide excellent back support, as well as arm and neck comfort. Actually, the best gaming chairs in the market were originally designed as ergonomic office furniture, to which comfortable padding comes in upholstery materials that can withstand long hours of use throughout a given life span.