Photographers are perfectionists, in the sense that they are not easily satisfied with the images captured by their camera. Taking pictures is only part of a photographer’s work. The task continues by aiming to give each image the right contrast, lighting effect, saturation and other aspects that will turn a captured image into the captivating vision he or she actually saw when the shot was taken. After all, most images were taken raw, dependent only on what registered in the sensors. More often than not, the resulting photo is not as picture perfect as what the photographer envisioned.

Significance of Photo Editing Software to a Wedding Photography Specialists

Photographers, like Catherine J Gross, photography professionals for wedding events, searched high and low for a photo editing software to use for their projects. The need for one stems from a goal of bringing perfection to raw images. Thereafter, those edited images will later on be compiled as a digital wedding photo album, to tell the story of how a beautiful romance led to a memorable betrothal.

Most photo editing software offer similar adjustment capabilities: lighting corrections, cropping or resizing, contrasting of tones and/or colors, or red eye removal. Some others include tools to use in framing, in adding text or speech balloons, as well as artistic brushes for painting, cloning or for creating effects. Yet, if one is still at the learning stage, all those features will be difficult to master in as little time as possible, especially if to be approached by way of trial and error.

PhotoScape, is one photo editing software that stood out as the best to recommend for beginners. Developers of this software took time to add a corresponding tutorial on every editing function or enhancement tool. The good new is that its plethora of editing and image enhancing features, albeit basic by standards, can be downloaded and installed, free of charge and without time limit.

About PhotoScape Photo Editing Software

Aside from being a photo viewer, PhotoScape by MOOII Tech, comes with standard photo editing tools for resizing or cropping images, and for adjusting backlight, contrast and saturation. The editing and enhancement toolkits are well-labeled, and presents an array of options for retouching or for improving the quality of digital photos. Awesome even is that with every change or improvement, the edited picture can be viewed immediately.

PhotoScape is also a batch editor, a GIF animator, a combiner and splitter of images. The Batch Editor for one is worth mentioning, as this facet can complete a photo conversion process, from Raw to JPG with just a few clicks. Photos can be merged into a single frame to create a final photo composed by multiple images. Another option provided is to combine several photos either horizontally or vertically.

Since this Photoscape photo editor is free to download, it therefore allows exploring other features at a pace convenient to the user.