People, especially those who have access to electronic devices and the internet, are able to watch movies, TV shows, and trailers from portals like filme hd as well as listen to music and podcast from similar platforms, thanks to the ever-progressing technology.

Streaming is utilized to transmit content to computers, mobile devices, as well as other electronic devices via the internet. This technology passes on data, typically audio and video, as an unremitting flow, wherein it allows the receivers or users to almost instantaneously start to listen or watch the transmitted file or data.

Two Forms of Downloads

To understand streaming, we need to at least learn a little regarding how data, such as movies, music, and other files, is transmitted to devices like computers and smartphones. Here are two ways as to hoe content is downloaded through the internet – progressive download and streaming.


These are the traditional type of download that any internet user is familiar with and accustomed to. When an app or game is downloaded, you have to download the entire data and file for it run and before you could make use of it. If the entire file isn’t downloaded, it won’t run or properly function as it should. This is how progressive download works.


Streaming, on the other hand, is the fastest approach for content that is internet-based to be accessed. Different from progressive download, streaming permits you to access the content even before the whole file or data is downloaded. Music streaming is one excellent example. As soon as you stream music from a music streaming platform, like Spotify and Deezer, you could just click on play and almost instantaneously begin listening to it. It isn’t necessary for you to wait until the whole song is completely downloaded before you could listen. Of the numerous advantages of streaming, this is one of the best.


The major differences of between download and streaming are when you could begin to use or access the data, content or file and what transpires after you have finished using the data.

For downloads, the data you have downloaded is kept in device, which takes up space, until you decide to delete it. On the other hand, the data from streaming are automatically removed ore deleted after it is used. For instance, when you stream a song on Spotify, the song isn’t saved on your device, not unless you save it and intend to listen to it while offline. This is basically downloading the music since you need to be connected to the internet for you to be able to stream.