Like the advances of other areas and industries, the field of sport is ever growing as well. This is made possible with the emerging technology that has put a great impact in today’s modern time. And you would be surprise how this technology can blow your mind. However, one of the negative comment with this development is the slowing the phase of the real game. Meanwhile, many people see this useful and enjoyable in so many ways.

How technology helps to improve each game

1. Accompany the Referees during the game course

Modernization aids the referees to come up with the right decision during the game by the use of instant replay. However, there are also other modernized apps that made an easy and convenient decision making. Many sport such as basketball, soccer, and crickets that use this video replay technology in assisting the referees in the entire game.

2. The Hawk-eye Innovation

One of the technological innovation in the field of sport is the Hawk-Eye technology system. This modernized system utilizes computer and camera that can monitor the ball’s pattern. The Hawk-eye is now being used in crickets and tennis.

Moreover, there are other sports that are also on their way for this technological advancement. Aside from that, there are advanced trackers that are being used in sport in order to track some movements that can be seen by the naked eye.

Many nuances may contribute in the improvement of one’s game, and players may not be able to improve it if they are not able to track it.

Sports which use the Hawk-Eye Technology

Meanwhile, here are the sport in which Hawk-eye technology is specifically incorporated.

Tennis – in reviewing line calls, the use of Hawk-eye system is a standard advancement in lots of major tournaments in tennis. Aside from this, updated and modernized sports equipment has now been utilized in tennis such as modern tennis racquets. To see more of this tennis equipment, you may check

Basketball – in this kind of sport, the player who made the last touch within the last two-minutes game is reviewed through the Hawk-eye technology.

Rugby – the officials behind this sport utilized instant replay system via the Hawk-eye with adjunct camera views. The purpose of this is to enhance the decision of the play. Moreover, medical assistance is improved by determining the scenes behind each incidents in the game.

Other sports that use Hawk-Eye technology:

  • Soccer/ Football
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Cross-Country Skiing