Women love to keep it tidy and clean. In this age of new technologies, women are now able to do household chores fast and easy. And as an added bonus, women can even do some side gardening without even getting their hands dirty.

Being a woman in the industry of technology, I have tested several gadgets designed for women. And these three technologies are among the things that I consider awesome. So if you are a man looking for fantastic gifts for girls in line with technology, here are those three techy items for women.

Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaners

Today’s vacuum cleaners have sleek and tiny designs, plus it has a mind of its own. These tiny cleaners can easily detect dusts and goes ahead to hover over it and capture the dust. So easy to use and it has a self-charging capability. This robotic vacuums are already outstanding in its own right. What makes these cleaners more awesome is that this product is that it has the feature to build a connection with its user. An example is the speech recognition features of these cleaning devices.

The Smart Washer

Doing the laundry entails hard labor which means it requires lifting, dragging, bending, carrying loads of basket. It even takes more time to sort out white from colored clothes. And while the laundry needs to be finished within the day, is something that can delay a lot of activities planned for the day. Good news is that smart laundry washers can be set from start to finish so that all you need to do is to dry out your laundry. You can even control it from your mobile phone.

An Indoor Herb Garden

The herb garden isn’t very high-tech nonetheless it is techy in its own way because it makes use of hydroponics concept to grow herbs and various produce fairly quickly with little effort. The busy women today doesn’t have to do all the gardening outside. It can be done just by popping the seed pods inside the planter and water it regularly. The planter takes care of the rest, allowing light on schedule, changing water, and giving out alert signals when the herbs need more. It’s a great gift for women who love herbs and hardly hard time for gardening.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift in lined with technology specially designed for women, these top three is perhaps the most useful and practical that you can give her.