Are you having a hard time using your software to manage contracts? Perhaps, is it incapable of providing insights and underused? If yes is your answer, then you are definitely missing a whole lot of opportunity and worse, profits. As a contractor and entrepreneur, you should never restrict yourself for growth and opportunity.

Make sure that the software you’ll be using next has the following features:

Number 1. Customizable Dashboard

An important thing that you must be mindful about is that, there’s no standard or one-size-fits-all software. Different roles will require different needs. With this in mind, the individual needs of a user might change from time to time, especially when the business’ goals are changing and evolving.

Whenever possible, consider looking for systems that can deliver customizable dashboards to fit the unique requirements of every role. As much as possible, users should be able to configure the dashboard without relying too much on the admin or requesting for their permission.

Number 2. Global Searches

Is your software fails to offer global searches for things like

  • Related agreements
  • Comments
  • Important documents
  • Notes made
  • History to identify potential liabilities or view dependencies

If few or none of these things are provided by your software, then start to worry about your business. An effective management system is versatile and can search functions that are able to capture full-text documentation, metadata and all information that’s associated with the search query.

Number 3. Native Mobile Application

In today’s time, a big percentage of transactions are done online – mostly on smartphones. This trend is even omnipresent in contracting processes. If your business doesn’t have this, then sooner or later, you’ll be out of business.

Try looking for a contract management system that lets you edit, reject, approve or create contracts from any device that has a native mobile app. Push notifications, contract search, dashboard views, approval, note updates as well as other contract related services should be present on the mobile device to attain quicker adoption, wider use and deliver more effective contract management. This is one feature that simply can’t be disregarded by any business in the contracting industry.