As technology dominates the world we live in, the future of things and equipment around us seems to be the most intense innovation. That’s why many companies are giving the promise of new technologies that will blow your mind which is related to the wheelchair industry. There are products and companies that change the industry of this kind of mobility equipment. Moreover, there are online websites like the FastBoyFenders where you can get information of the best wheelchairs in town.

One game-changer in the industry that introduces a new innovation for the wheelchair is the Israeli company UPnRIDE. Because of its wheeled robotic device which allow users to sit on an upright position, the company gained its popularity. Moreover, it became successful in giving wheelchair users more freedom that they wanted while sitting.

Furthermore, the 21st Century Scientific Inc., which is considered as the largest manufacturer of wheelchair, can create customizable wheelchairs based on users own needs. In addition, the Foldawheel also claims to be on the spotlight. It is very light in weight and contains enjoyable to navigate wheels.

Invacare Corp., Healthcare GmbH, OttoBock, and Pride Medical are the other well-known wheelchair companies.

Most Updated Technological Electric Wheelchairs

Check the best wheelchair innovations of today’s time:

1. PW-1000XL Foldawheel Wheelchair

This newest version has the ability to automatically open and close for about a second. It weighs about 25kg and an additional 1.6 kg for the battery. It can travel at a fast speed due to its brushless motor. Moreover, for ease of navigation, a joystick is also available.

2. UPnRIDE Wheelchair

The latest model of the UPnRIDE Wheelchair makes sure of the safety of the user in standing and sitting position or even during shifting. This wheelchair models have the following excellent features:

  • Provides automatic balance
  • Standing safely
  • Reduction of medical expenses

3. LiteRider Envy Wheelchair

LiteRider Envy wheelchair permits user to easily move all-around even on a sitting position. This is due to stadium-style seating and a turning radius of 26-inch. Because of the basic technique of assembling and charging system of the battery, this wheelchair is perfect for traveling. Since it has adjustable legs and armrests, the needed comfort will be experienced.