Wondering how some websites have successfully driven traffic to their domain by way of riddles and quizzes? Wonder no more, because if you are a WordPress platform user, you should know about WP Quiz Plugin. It is a FREE WordPress feature that allows self-hosted websites to create quizzes that readers can take part it in, as well as share in their social media sites even from their smartphones and tablets. In fact, riddles and quizzes have made it possible for contents to go viral in ways that rapidly increase engagement beyond expectations.

Viral contents influence the effectiveness of brand promotions, resulting to generation of leads and most of important of all for business websites, to achieve sales conversion.

About The WP Quiz Plugin

First off, it is important to mention that WP Quiz Plugin works only on self-hosted websites using the WordPress.org publishing platform. WordPress.org is different from WordPress.com, as it caters only to websites that have their own domain name, whilst using a different web hosting facility.

WordPress.com on the other hand, handles free web hosting services to which the URL has “wordpress.com” affixed to domain names. In which case, WP Quiz Plugin does not work on websites with domain names affixed with the name of the web hosting website, such as “blogspot.com and the like, because they are not self-hosted.

What WP Quiz Plugin Allows Users to Make and Do

WP Quiz Plugin furnishes tools that enable users to create as many quizzes and riddles they want with assurance that all will work responsively on any WordPress theme. Riddles and quiz options come in varying styles including, personality tests, trivia questions, flip quizzes, opinion polls, reaction polls, survey, ranked list and interactive stories.

Even more awesome is that every quiz type, offers options for adding images, text or videos, as well as use combinations of those elements. In case a quiz consists of multiple questions, WP Quiz Plugin allows users to spread the entire quiz to multiple pages. They can automate scrolling of quiz to the next question, to make it easy for readers to answer question after question in a short span of time.

WP Quiz Plugin Built-in Features

In case a quiz taker wishes to view his or her progress, the plugin includes a progress bar for displaying one’s status. If a quiz taker wants to take the quiz again, he or she can simply click on the restart button. Quizzers who feel good about the results are inclined to share it with their friends, which they can easily do as the WP Quiz Plugin includes social media sharing buttons.

Another great thing is the built-in shortcodes for every quiz created, as this comes in handy in case the WP Quiz Plugin user wants to manually place a quiz in another post.