October is the month of XR technologies. The extremely anticipated XRDC conference is going to take place October 14th to 15th in San Francisco. Here we are definitely going to look at probably the most exciting businesses, speakers as well as events.

Among the best characteristics of XRDC is that the meeting is within the track program. The conference has something for everyone, however, organizers realize that not everyone is really interested in all that they see. Therefore visitors can pick the track they are especially interested in to select the content that tasks the most interest on them.

XRDC offers eight tracks which include – Video games, Entertainment, Health care, Brand Encounter, Enterprise, Coaching, Safety, along with Partners.

Games and Entertainment

The majority of us first experience XR technology via impressive Unblocked HTML5 Games and media. That’s exactly how many of us enjoy it.

The Video and mobile gaming track concentrate on how programmers utilize XR technology to improve the way that all of us game. Various speakers will be talking about various topics including how music use VR experiences, how businesses use body language to create character designs, and even dialect processing within XR

The Entertainment track centers on immersive encounters but it is less pertaining to games. Other speakers in this track will discuss utilizing AI to produce digital artists, as well as the methods and the technology driving the “War, Remains” VR encounter. There is more in store in the XR games and entertainment track that will surely enhance the knowledge of each interested participant.


Obviously, XR technology is not all about fascinating games. An area where XR contributes more benefits is within the healthcare sector.

The healthcare track of XR is designed for any person intrigued by how XR technology had been applied to the medical sector. On the convention, you can expect to hear from speakers to be talking about the utilization of simulators to reduce child stress and anxiety, the use of VR within a classroom set up, and the use of XE technologies in senior homes. The healthcare conference is not limited to these topics. There are so much more in store, professional speakers who will talk about the use of XR technology within the health and medical sector.


XR technology centers around new healthcare and media. But on top of it, it also centers on business. You will find several tracks at the XRDC conference that demonstrates this.

In this track, you can expect talks about the methods and the technology that drives successful AR campaigns that he has worked with in the past. Some sessions also speak about AR advertising and the way people react to AR ads and the way the beauty sector is using AR technology.

The Enterprise track concentrates on how XR technology is modifying some of the most demanding occupations in the world. Topics include XR advancement in construction design, XR to model assemblage for first respondents, and so much more.

Partners track information is still impending. On the other hand, the track concentrates on enabling creators to learn about possibilities to work alongside a few of the major names and the most fascinating resources in the market today.

Safety and Training

XR technologies provide us an option to learn alien worlds and find out about what lies ahead of us. This also enables us to duplicate what we have today.

The Training track centers on how XR may be used to train volunteers, employees, as well as other working personnel. Expect to speakers to be talking about the use of VR for corporate coaching, training, and learning. In the same way, the track also aims to improve the laborer’s way of living through the use of digital imaging that shows a real-world environment.

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