Yahoo Mail, now a Verizon subsidiary, has added a feature that allows platform users to purchase online from Walmart via email.

Apparently, a partnership has been entered with Walmart, enabling the retail giant to move into Yahoo inboxes. The feature not only makes it easier for less tech savvy consumers to purchase their groceries safely amidst the unabated rise of COVID-19 cases.

Through their Yahoo Mail. Walmart shoppers can browse, pick out and get the contents of their virtual grocery cart processed for payment and subsequent delivery right on their own doorsteps.

Walmart’s Yahoo partnershire also gives brand advertisers a more economical and efficient way of putting their products in front of their target buyers.

Verizon Mail CEO Guru Gowrappan explained that because of the unprecedented difficulties presented by the COVID-19 health crisis, the company decided to take advantage of their position as a provider of a web-based communications platform.

How Does the Walmart Shopping Feature Work

1.  The first step of course is to sign in to one’s Yahoo Mail account.

2.  Take notice of the Walmar banner waving at the top of the incoming message notifications.

3.  Simply click on the Walmart icon and type in a list of the grocery items you need to buy; or search for other essential grocery items you need to include in your list.

4.  In time, you will receive grocery suggestions based on your profile and buying history. That all the more makes shopping easier as all you need to do is the add the items to you virtual cart.

5.  As soon as you are done with your shopping list, you can check out and have your purchases processed for online payment.